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These drugs have a good effect on the radiant fungus - strains of actinomycetes insensitive to them have not been isolated.

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For the purpose of immunotherapy, actinolysate is used, which: Surgical treatment is used to eliminate ulcers. Abscesses and the focus of empyema (diffuse purulent lesions of tissues without walls, like an abscess) are opened and drained. If actinomycosis has led to massive damage to lung tissue and its purulent fusion, a lobectomy is performed (removal of the affected lobe of the lung).

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Since relapses are possible, convalescents (cured people who no longer show signs of the disease) should be under dispensary observation for a long time - from 6 to 12 months. There is no specific prevention of actinomycosis, no vaccines have been developed. Specific measures in the outbreak in case of its detection are not carried out.

Non-specific prophylaxis includes a number of fairly simple measures that protect not only against pathogens of actinomycosis: meticulous oral hygiene; timely trips to the dentist, not only for therapeutic, but also for preventive purposes, detection of the smallest dental problems and their elimination; timely treatment of inflammatory changes in the oral mucosa and tonsils, prevention of tonsillitis.

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Without etiotropic therapy, the prognosis for health and life is unfavorable. With the development of the abdominal form of actinomycosis, 50% of untreated patients died, thoracic - 100%. Relatively easier without treatment are other types of actinomycosis.

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Delayed diagnosis and late treatment lead to the development of severe anatomical damage to tissues and organs. Fistulas resulting from the disease are difficult to treat. Kovtonyuk Oksana Vladimirovna, medical commentator, surgeon, medical consultant.

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Epidemiology of Cialis pills Actinomycetes: morphology How the disease develops Symptoms of actinomycosis Actinomycosis of the maxillofacial region Actinomycosis of the skin Abdominal actinomycosis Thoracic actinomycosis Rare forms of the disease Mycetoma Animal actinomycosis Diagnosis of the disease Treatment of actinomycosis Prognosis Prevention.

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In more than 75% of cases, the maxillofacial region and neck are affected, and the abdominal and thoracic forms are less frequently recorded. In 70 - 80% of cases, there is a bacterial infection. Actinomycosis accounts for about 10% of all cases of purulent lesions. The disease has a long progressive course. Most cases of maxillofacial, cervical and abdominal actinomycosis are curable. The advanced forms of the disease are severe and often end in death.

Actinomycosis is a chronic fungal disease caused by different types of actinomycetes - radiant fungi. People and cattle are sick. The disease often develops against the background of injuries, purulent inflammation and a decrease in immunity. With mycosis, various organs and tissues are affected, where dense infiltrates (granulomas) are formed, prone to suppuration and fistula formation.

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The researcher found pathogens in the infiltrates of the jaw region of cattle.

Actinomycosis was first described in 1877 by Otto Bollinger. Rice. 1. In granulomas and exudates, actinomycetes are found in the form of clusters - drusen. Epidemiology of Cialis.

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Reservoir and source of infection. Actinomycetes are widespread. They are found in water, soil, straw, hay and dry grass and on cereals. Radiant fungi as saprophytes live in the human oral cavity, carious cavities, on the surface of the tonsils, bronchial mucosa and the digestive system, including the rectum.

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With exogenous infection, actinomycetes enter the human body by tadalafil, airborne and airborne dust routes through mucous membranes, injured areas of the skin with dust, earth or plant parts. Allergic and paraallergic reactions, concomitant diseases, damage to the skin and mucous membranes of traumatic origin, acne, sycosis, purulent hydradenitis, etc. also contribute to the development of the disease.

But most often actinomycosis develops as a result of self-infection or by metastasis, when a saprophytic infection of cialis oral cavity, gastrointestinal intestinal tract and respiratory tract with a weakened immune system acquires pathogenic properties. Contribute to the development of the disease frequent acute respiratory infections and concomitant diseases leading to the development of immunodeficiency, allergic and paraallergic reactions, pregnancy, surgery, anatomical abnormalities, injuries, bruises and wounds, acne, sycosis, purulent hydradenitis, etc.

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